True Fabrications | F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Information

Okay, I've braced myself - What are your minimums?

True has no minimum order requirements.

Wait, that's awesome. But do I have to order the entire case-pack?

Technically, no (with a few exceptions explained in the next question). That said, we're set up to ship in case-packs to keep your shipping cost as low as possible, as well as to prevent damage to your items.

Why can't I break case-pack sizes on glassware?

Sadly, glass will try to break in transit even when it's carefully packed. So we ship in inner cartons to reduce that breakage. We don't want you to receive a smashed wine glass with your order, and we're guessing you don't want that either. Food items and paper gift bags also fare poorly in shipping outside of their case-packs.

What does "bulk" mean?

Bulk doesn't mean a large volume: bulk products are simply shipped without any sort of retail packaging like boxes or blister cards. These items generally just come with a barcode sticker or hangtag.

Can I order only the green Bruce?

On products we sell in assortments, you cannot order just one color or design. We do this to help keep all colors and designs equally available and in stock. When we choose to sell in assortments, it is where we've found that customers respond well to the variety. We welcome your comments, which we take into constant account in making changes and future product decisions, so please do not hesitate to share any and all feedback with us.

I love this product! What's it made of?

Materials are listed on every product's page on the website. If for some reason a material isn't noted or if you'd like more specifics, you need only ask.

How do I edit my cart?

It's easy! Click on the cart button on the top right of the page and select "View Cart." You'll have multiple options, including "Edit" and "Remove" buttons next to each product.

Shipping & Deliveries

Do you dropship?

Why yes! Yes we do! Contact and we'll get you connected with a sales rep that will lead you through the process of getting you set up.

I need my order, like, now. How soon can you send it?

Place your order before 3pm Pacific Time and like magic, we'll ship it the next day from beautiful Seattle, Washington.

How long will my order take to get here?

Depends where "here" is. The majority of the Pacific Northwest will receive their order in two business days, most of the Southwest will receive their order in three business days, the Midwest in four to five business days, and the Eastern Seaboard in six business days. Naturally, inclement weather and other circumstances beyond our control can delay shipping. You can check out estimates specific to your zip code with this map provided by UPS, which we use for most of our shipments (note that we ship from zip code 98057). We're also happy to provide tracking for any order - just give us a call!

How much will my shipping cost

The cost of shipping for everything in your cart will be calculated at checkout using a standard volume-based system. We maintain fantastic deals with all of our carriers, and we price-check every one of them to select the cheapest option for each individual order. Then we pass that exact cost on without any handling fees or upcharges whatsoever - in short, you pay exactly what we pay. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Why isn't my invoice included in my shipment?

Hmm, it definitely should be. If your invoice somehow managed to dodge being shipped with your order, just let us know and we'll send a new one straight away.

When will a backordered item be back in stock?

Any product that is backordered will have its in-stock date noted on its product page on the website. As always, we're happy to help with specific product questions via chat, phone or email - let us know what you need!

When do I get invoiced for a backordered item?

We'll invoice you as soon as the backordered item ships.

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return an item?

It's super-easy - simply navigate to your account to file a return online. If you prefer assistance, just send an email to and we'll take care of the rest.

What are acceptable justifications for returns and exchanges?

"I changed my mind."

"There's a small defect on one of them."

"Turns out my customers don't like this item as much as I do."

"You have a new product I like even better."

"A tornado delayed my shipment and I didn't sell as many as I expected."

"Because it's cloudy and also a Tuesday."

"I don't really have a reason."

We accept returns and exchanges for up to 90 days for any reason - a flat 12% of the original value of the items returned is deducted to take care of shipping costs, and you get the rest of the credit. You’ll have a full 180 days from the date of issue to apply that credit toward anything you like. Please note that all returned items must be resellable, which means we unfortunately can’t credit for used items, discontinued items or items with packaging alterations including added price tags.

Between 90 and 180 days after your order shipped out, we’re still happy to accept returned product for any reason. During that window, a restocking fee of 30% will be deducted from the value of your return credit. For detailed terms and conditions please read our Return Policy.

How do I return an item?

It's super-easy - simply navigate to your account to file a return online. If you prefer assistance, just send an email to and we'll take care of the rest.

What about damaged or defective products?

We take the quality of our products very seriously. If you received a damaged or defective product, please send a picture to assist us in properly addressing the issue. Whenever we are able to deem an item defective or unfit for use, we will credit your account with no return shipping necessary. And if one of your customers returns a defective product to you, we’ll take it back in turn no matter how long it’s been since the order was originally placed. Believe us when we say it: your satisfaction is our highest priority.

More About True

How many office dogs do you have?

About ten, all vying for the cutest.

I want to learn more about True. Also, the industry in general. Also your office dogs. Can I do all that?

Of course - check out our blog. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What is your policy regarding online resale?

If you're interested in selling online, just give us a call at 800-750-8783 or email